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Water Heater

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Discovering that you have no hot water is every home owner’s worst nightmare. With our busy lifestyles, we rely on having hot water on demand.  Most people don’t give their water heaters much thought, but these appliances work day and night.  When it fails, it can make life grind to a halt.


Your water heater may give several warning signs that it’s preparing to fail so you can replace it before you run out of hot water or find your basement flooded.  These signs may help indicate your water heater needs to be replaced.

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Signs of Hot Water Heater Failure



  • Water heaters have a life expectancy of 8-10 years and should be considered for replacement before failure occurs.


  • Rusty water pouring from the faucet fixtures. Rusty hot water indicates your water heater is rusting and corroding on the inside and may begin leaking.


  • Odd loud noises. Sediment can build up inside the water heater as it ages.  As this sediment heats over and over, it will harden into a shell. You may hear loud banging or rumbling noises coming from your heater as it heats.  This will ruin your heating elements and the unit will fail.


  • Water present around the bottom or top of the water heater unit. Moisture around the water heater indicates you have a leak in the tank or in the connections and fittings on the tank. A leaking or cracked tank must be replaced.


Is your water heater currently having these problems, our experienced technicians will assist you in choosing a reliable brand, energy efficient and a size that will fit the needs of your household and budget.


  • 40/50 gallon water heaters are usually an appropriate size for most residential households although a household of five or more people may require a larger water heater.


  • High Efficiency water heaters are another consideration that can save you money in energy costs.

Broken Pipe Plumbing is experienced in handling all types of water heaters.  

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